World Choral Festival in Los Andes, Chile

Добавлено 19 November в 22:49

Dear friends!

Please fasten your seat belts and don't even think of sleeping tonight!

After midnight we are departing on a journey to the continent where we have the largest number of friends, at least judging by YouTube.

Our online concert in Los Andes (Valparaiso, Chile), where we are meeting with the choirs from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, and of course Chile, starts at 2:30 am (20:30 Chile continental time zone, UTC−04:00). It is a Springtime in South America now: the Atacama Desert has already bloomed, glaciers in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia are starting to melt, and the peoples are dreaming of friendship between the countries singing together :)

To those who are still planning to sleep tonight we remind that it is a great time to plan a lucid dream where you will find yourself in this fantastic country, the longest, the narrowest and the southernmost on the planet.

Please use this link to join: